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Putin is an idea whose time has come, a view from India by @nisheethsharan

Nisheeth Sharan, Principal Consultant had the opportunity to lecture and interact with the students of School of Cinema in Moscow on October 10th, 2016. With firm conviction that any opportunity to share learning is also an opportunity to learn, he took it up with gusto. Asked to prophecy on "Putin is an idea whose time has come, a view from India", he drew a pragmatic scape of why is President Putin an idea in today's world, why nationalism is an identity striving to assert itself as primary and making a comeback in many societies. How the events of the last 20 years across the world have been priming societies and citizen to look for an assertive leader who walks the talk and finishing with why he would stick his neck out and accept that President Putin may be an idea whose time has come.

He shared a social media survey of his findings in India which reached out to 23000 people and garnered 3054 votes from Indians.

An interesting part of the lecture was also the parallel he drew between President Putin of Russia and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. How their own experience and media persecution has been instrumental in evolving them into the leaders they have become. How as outsiders to the system they have found ample support and faith from the masses of their countries.

And how both are looking a ways to nurture a new world order.

An interesting wager, given that 5 days later they were scheduled to meet at The Putin Modi Summit on the side lines of the BRICS convention in Goa, India. The chemistry and the endeavours at Goa, resulted in some path breaking announcements.

Nisheeth Sharan was impressed with the curiosity of the students at the institute and their understanding of how societies are shaping themselves. He patiently engaged with the students in an open house  question answer session lasting over 90 minutes.

​An opportunity, he would be keen to repeat anywhere across the world.

Thanks Natali Vilitkevich for the logistics and hospitality

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